Balancing A Blog And A Full Time Job

It is hard trying to balance
a blog, job and free time
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This is something which if you look at my blog and the amount of posts I manage to write you can see I struggle at and that is balancing a blog and a full-time job. Many bloggers are in full-time employment or have other time-consuming activities can still manage it- yet I find it very hard. I have read countless number of blogs detailing how bloggers do it and have tried some of their recommendations, but I still struggle. Therefore, today’s post essentially details why I find it hard. I hope I find other bloggers reading this can relate to some of these points.

Sheer tiredness.
As well as having a full-time job I spend an hour each way travelling to and from work (yes I admit some people do think I am mad). In total that’s about 10 hours away from my house. So when I get back all I want to do is flop in front of the telly or read a book. I have a partner at home as well so want to spend time with him and after I have done the housework I don’t have much time left to settle down and write a blog post before bed. I have tried writing posts on the train, but it is hard with limited internet connection (and I don’t want to buy WiFi for the train).

Looking at a screen all day
As my job is looking at a computer screen for 7 1/2 hours a day (and sometimes writing articles as well), the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen for the rest of the evening. I am also conscious that I will be damaging my eyes long term if I keep looking at a screen. My eyes really ache sometimes from looking at a screen so long that I get headaches so I have to limit the number of hours I stare at the screen.

Things just keep popping up
I exercise twice a week in the evenings (and I am way too tired after a circuits session to write a post!) and then something else will come up = no time to work on the blog.

Does anybody else suffer from balancing a blog and a full time job?


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