General Election 2015 – It’s All About Self Education

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Being part of BBC Generation 2015 (see here for more info) has made me more politically aware then probably any other time in my 24 years. One thing I hear or read time and time again is young people my age saying they are not interested or do not understand politics because they were not taught it at school.

To me it’s madness to say that. We are supposedly educated people so relying on teachers to spoon feed us information to make a decision regarding the future of the country is not giving the best impression of us aged 18- 25 year old’s. 
Politics isn’t easy and yes it is confusing but the internet is a wonderful resource and a bit of research (you can never know everything about politics and I don’t claim at all to know everything because I don’t) goes a long way and can help shape your decision better than any class could. 
All my research is based on reading flyers that come through the post, Googling specific background information, watching the news and specific documentaries and talking to other people about politics. Not once have I moaned that I hadn’t been taught it at school. Yes it could enable young people to take an interest- which is no bad thing, but to purely say you are not going to take an interest because other people haven’t and you were not taught it at school only discounts you. What is your opinion? 


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