Moving House On The Cheap

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So you have bought a house (well done you!) and now you are thinking about moving. Moving was by far the least stressful part of the whole ‘buying a house’ process ironically. My partner and I were sharing a two bed flat before with no garden. Therefore, we had a lot less stuff to move than a family would. We were adamant to keep it as cheap as possible, therefore, did lots of research and work before hand to make the move as smooth as possible.

Have a Big Clean Out
Although the house sale hadn’t gone through yet. We knew it would be very last minute so decided to have a giant clean out, a month before. It also gave us the chance to sell unwanted items on eBay in plenty of time and a lot of stuff was given to charity so hopefully will go to a new home.

Ask Around for Boxes
Everyone does this, but it is really worth asking. We got lots of plastic boxes off my partner’s parents when we moved which I reckoned saved around £15.00. We bought 15 cardboard boxes off Amazon for around £15.00 as well. We had to make them ourselves, but it didn’t take long. We packed up everything the weekend before (it was a bit risky, the sale didn’t go through until the Thursday after) but we didn’t want to take any time off.  

The Removal Men
You could hire a van however since we lived on the second floor of the flat we didn’t want to drag all our appliances downstairs. As we were moving to a place that was originally half an hour away we didn’t want to pay a lot of money as we knew that with all our things the move wouldn’t take an entire day. With this in mind my partner found a local company that paid per hour rather than the whole day. The whole move was done in three hours meaning we only paid £130 whereas if we had gone with a different company and hired them out for the whole day then we would have lost £400.

With this company as well as they were charging per hour we decided to put as much stuff as we could in two cars. Before they came, we reckoned that save another hour.

Clean and Fix as Much as Possible
If you clean and fix as much possible this will decrease the need for the landlord to have to do it themselves out of your deposit. If after the landlord checks there is still problems. You can always take it up with the Deposit Protection Agency. (DPS). Remember, the Landlord needs to take wear and tear into account and should not be using your deposit as money to completely redecorate.

Keep All Screws and Parts in Place
When taking down furniture my partner and I counted all the parts and put them in small freezer bags and popped them in my handbag. This will save you money as you don’t want to have to buy small parts again to replace the ones that went missing.

Make Sure to Redirect All Post and Change All Addresses
Ok I never bothered to redirect my post because I worked on the assumption that I don’t get much post anyway and as I have changed the majority of addresses already I shouldn’t get post with my name through the other door. BUT definitely change addresses as soon as possible as you don’t want anybody to commit fraud or let bills go unpaid.

Read Your Meters
So you don’t get charged for another person’s usage.

I hope this is useful for you. We saved a lot of money so we are happy with them. Have you got any money saving tips?


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