Best Sites For Blogging and Social Media Beginners #2

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Due to the success of my first post (Yes I do look at my Google Analytics :D) and it was a post I enjoyed writing so much I decided to write another. So if you want more tips on improving your blog, read on.

Performance monitoring tools

riteTag– This site I use to see which hashtags are the best performers and then use those hashtags to help advertise my posts.

RSS Feed

Bloglovin– Very well known app which is essentially an RSS feed of all your favourite blogs.

Spelling and grammer checker

Grammarly– If grammar or spelling isn’t your forte (not thinking about myself here…) then this app is great. Just download it as a Chrome plug in and it works like a Microsoft Word spell check does.  It underlines all your grammar and spelling errors, for spelling errors it will give you alternative spellings and for grammar errors it will explain what you did wrong.

Setting up competitions

Rafflecopter– I haven’t used this myself, but it is a popular plug- in for those that want to run give- aways where people are chosen at random.

Licensing your work

Creative Commons– a non- profit organisation that allows people to pick and choose what work they would like copyrighted by creating a variety of licences. If you are interested in protecting your work so companies don’t steal it or just want to make sure people cite you. This is the site.

PicMonkey– Another free photo editing site. It is really good for the numerous effects you can add to your images. If you want to add text to your images PicMonkey is a great for this.

Generating feedback

Survey Monkey– I have used the paid version for a few years now in the work place. The free version makes it really easy to create a survey (perfect if you want feedback on your blog) and analyse the results as you can download them in a PDF or Excel version.

Development tool

Google Developer- If you have Chrome you can find this in the more tools bar. If you find a colour on a blog you like and want to see it’s hex code or want to see how your blog or site would look in mobile version or just want to see how a website is structured this is that developer tools are for. I don’t think I use the features to its full advantage but it has helped me in the workplace.

Free fonts

Dafont is widely used amongst graphic designers and it is a source full of free fonts.

Google Fonts– similar to Dafont it is again a source of free fonts for download.

Creating free animated videos

Powtoon– Want to add an animation to your site but don’t have the money to create one? Powtoon is a free way to create an animation. My manager created one for work and it was different than using Powerpoint.

Blogging directories

Pick a Blogger– Get yourself on a blogger directory for free! If you sign up for the free membership you get put on a directory, get access to a forum area, eligibility to host #pickablogger chat on Twitter which are on Sundays and other stuff. As it’s free to use you cannot complain and it doesn’t take long for your profile to be set up.

Further reading

Econsultancy– The blogs I have found very helpful in forecasting and explaining digital media trends.

What do you think? Have you got any sites you would like to add?


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