Book review- Brooklyn Girls Pia- Gemma Burgess

Image of Brooklyn Girls Pia by Gemma Burgess on a white table

The deets:

Author: Gemma Burgess
Pages: 292
Publish Date: 2013
Publisher: Quercus
Genre: Fiction
Brooklyn Girls tells the story of Pia living in a Brownstone ( yes I had to google it, it looks like Carries flat in SATC) with three other girls in Brooklyn (Julia, Coco and Angie). They have all finished their education and so trying to find their way in life. The book attracted me to it because I wanted something a bit light hearted, I also really want to visit New York someday so therefore any literature going about New York is good for me.
Pia is a trouble maker, her parents bale her out time after time again. When she gets fired from her latest job that her father managed to get her. Her parents give her six weeks, if Pia does not have a job then she will have to fly back and live with them in Zurich.
After a series of failed interviews, Pia manages to get a job at a restaurant but then after a confrontation because a customer was making racist remarks at her she gets sacked. Pia finds herself wondering around a food fair and guess what- she gets the idea of running her own food business. After visiting a loan shark and getting $10,000 she gets a clapped out food truck and starts earning a living selling healthy food to busy New Yorkers.
To add to all this, Pia keeps bumping into this guy with a London accent. She fancies him but as he is always with a woman she thinks he is single. Until the woman turns out to be his sister, Pia goes on a disastrous date so we are left wondering will she finally get together with him?
I thought the book was good. A bit unrealistic ( I can’t give away too much but put it this way it does have a fairy tale ending). It was a Young Adult book so I am just a little old to be able to relate to the girls and their experiences as I am settled now. If you are in university or just finished it is more relatable. The realisation of (‘oh shit, I have this degree and now I need to do something with it!). As Brooklyn Girls is a series  from reading this book that you get a glimpse into all of the girls lives. This does make you want to read the other books I see what you are doing here Gemma! So now I want to read the rest of the books because I am invested now. To round up if you want some humour, a quick read and somebody that is really trying but struggling to sort there life out then this is the book for you!


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