How To Make Blogging / Social Media Goals And Stick To Them!

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I am a big fan of making plans and I am a big fan of creating lists, so it is a good job that both go hand in hand in reaching goals and getting everything completed. I make lists and plans at home and as well as at work and it helps me keep my focus and get everything done. This is important if you have important blogging and social media goals you want to hit. I have listed below, the best way’s to keep yourself on track.

Set realistic goals
There is being ambitious and then there is being stupid. By setting over ambitious targets you are setting yourself up to fail as it is just unachievable. For example instead of saying I want to win a blog award try I will nominate myself for a blog award. The second is more achievable than the first but you are starting out in achieving your original aim.

How to set your realistic goals
My best targets are made by making a plan in a diary. I set out week by week what I want to have achieved that week. So for example I would write to have two blog posts written by Sunday, by doing that instead of writing a long list is more manageable and I am not being put off by the list and get the sense of achievement at the end. For work I drill this list down to what I want to achieve that morning and afternoon. It motivates me and it is very likely that I will get all the tasks done!

Write your path to success
Write your aim and then plan the path at how you are going to get there. It breaks your goal down to managable chunks and you will feel that sense of achievement when you complete your mini aims. So to continue the example of writing two blog posts by Sunday. I would write:

Monday and Tuesday: Think of two topics and research material needed.
Wednesday and Thursday: Structure the posts and start writing
Saturday: Finish writing, proofread and schedule the posts on social media.

As you can see by breaking it down, it is managable and importantly achievable.

Don’t have lots of aims
The problem with lots of goals are that you are in danger of spreading yourself too thin. Aim for at least two or three and then once you have achieved them, just replace it with another.

Keep them SMART
If your aims are not Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time related then it is much harder to acheive them. In the goals I have set myself before where I haven’t used this (especially time) then my goals have either not been achieved ( For two years now I have been wanting to learn how to ride my bike using cleats) or it has taking me longer than it should have to achieve my goals.

Reward yourself when your goal has been reached
It is important to make sure you reward yourself when your goal has been reached. If you automatically focus on the next challenge you are in danger of really losing that sense of achievement and you will become frustrated.

So this is my way of making blogging/ social media goals and making them stick! What are your aims for next year?


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