Do bloggers and vloggers influence what you buy online?

Do vloggers and bloggers really influence what we buy

All of these products above was purchased through recommendations by vloggers on YouTube

Unless you have been living under a rock in the last five years then you will know that blogging and vlogging is big business. It is not just the earnings from YouTube and sponsored advertisements but bloggers and vloggers releasing their own lines is now big, from Zoella and her books and beauty products to Hannah Witton’s book tour. Today I am exploring whether bloggers and vloggers really influence what you buy.

I have been watching vloggers for years since about 2011. Back in the day I loved Zoella, Fleur de Force and The Anna Edit (when she was Vivanna does makeup!). But as I grew older I discovered Lucy Moon, Emtalks and Hannah Witton and then I moved onto other things. These days I don’t watch YouTube but I still read blogs quite regularly and I follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter and Instagram mainly.

I personally felt that in the earlier days my make up choices did start to become influenced by Youtube. I brought the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and primer potion because of them. Physicians Formula Happy Booster blusher I just fell in love with the packaging after seeing it in a Tanya Burr video and couldn’t wait to buy them in the states (event though when I got them I was just disappointed). I wanted Nars and MAC but couldn’t justify the money buying them. If I wanted some new make-up I wouldn’t purchase a product until I had YouTubed it to death.

Recently with vloggers and bloggers releasing lines I certainly felt invested in them in someway. I brought Hannah Witton’s book and even went to her book tour at the Glee Club in Birmingham, I brought Emma Gannon’s and Dana Fox’s books. The only reason why I didn’t buy Zoella’s beauty range was because I didn’t like the scent! It seems like I am not the only person who feels invested in buying products with Zoella’s beauty product at Superdrug shifted 70,000 units in its first month alone and her book broke the record for highest first week sales for a debut author.

Think with Google reported that 68% of YouTube users watch YouTube to help make a purchase decision and information seeking is one on the top three reasons why people go on YouTube. So to sum up young people with high disposable incomes with access to the internet creates the perfect recipe for high end purchases to be made.

Additionally, the culture has changed as well. I remember back in 2012 browsing Guru Gossip and finding that people really despised those bloggers and vloggers that accepted payment to plug products. Today this is the point that wannabe bloggers and vloggers inspire to get to.

These days I still look to twitter and Instagram for inspiration for clothes, make up and interior design and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Have you ever brought products because a blogger/ vlogger has recommended them?



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