#whatbeckyread Headhunters – Jo Nesbo

Image of the book Headhunters by Jo Nesbo.

Me and my friend have a constant book swap going on and one book that landed in my lap was Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. In fact it wasn’t the first time I had come across Jo Nesbo. My Mum gave me a load of his books and I have heard that he is really good before but I stupidly gave them back to her without reading one!

Headhunters is about the story of Roger, the self proclaimed best Headhunter in Norway. We learn he is successful due to him employing FBI interrogation techniques on the people that he interviews. He lives in a large house that he cannot afford with his wife Dana. Their relationship, I found to be a odd one. Although he loves his wife, I felt him to be very controlling. He doesn’t want to have a child and he pressured his wife into having an abortion, which doesn’t sit well with me. To make up for not having children and to make sure Dana stays with him (he is constantly paranoid that Dana will leave him because he won’t give her a child), he had brought Dana an art gallery. This art gallery is losing money. We also learn that he is an art thief on the side, making money from stolen paintings.

One day, he meets his match. At the gallery, Roger is introduced to Clas Greave. An ex CEO of a GPS company that would be perfect for a CEO of a rival GPS company. Clas Greve used to be in the military therefore sees through Rogers interrogation techniques very quickly and throws the questions back at Roger which takes him by surprise. Not only this but Roger learns that Clas has a very rare painting in his house that he is currently renovating.

Roger sets about stealing this painting to get the money to keep him financially afloat, whilst stealing this painting he decides, spontaneously, to ring Dana. That’s when he realises that Dana has been from the outset having an affair with Clas. This is because her phone rings in the house and Roger finds it underneath his bed. He decides there and then that he wants to kill him, ironically Clas has set out to kill Roger. This triggers a weird, and humorous situation where it is a game of cat and mouse to see who kills who first.

You would think, from what I have said above, the book would be really serious. The book is fast paced however it had such an humorous element to it – totally unexpected from a thriller ( I still chuckle at the horror Clas had when the art gallery was exhibiting an artist that wasn’t selling any of the paintings and Dana had gone ahead and brought the best food) . The situations that Roger gets himself into are crazy (and when you think, wow he got out of that one another crazy situation occurs) but not completely unbelievable.

Every loose end of the book is tied up neatly an a surprising twist at the end. It is no surprise that the book was made into a movie, which I will watch at some point. So is it worth a read? Yes! Now I need to go back to my Dad’s house to hunt down the other books…

have you read any Jo Nesbo’s books?



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