Bournemouth Marathon – Training Week 1

I have been keeping this pretty quiet but I am officially running the Bournemouth Marathon! As this week is my first week of training this blog post covers how I am finding training so far, why Bournemouth and my hopes, aspirations and fears of completing 26.2 miles. To keep up my video editing practice I also thought it would be pretty cool to do a vlog each week summarising my training (and even taking you along with me on my journey).

My running journey and why Bournemouth

Since I have started running around three years ago, I have completed numerous 10ks, Race for Life’s and Half Marathon’s but I have never done a full marathon. I am the fittest I have ever been and had been toying with the idea since January. I felt that if I am going to run a marathon then now is the time to do it. I had applied to get into the London Marathon (surprise, surprise I didn’t get in *rolls eyes*) and I had been toying with the idea of running a marathon abroad.

All smiles after the Hackney Half Marathon in London. I loved the medal with the Nike logo!

I seriously looked running the Galway Marathon in Ireland but was worried at the time with Brexit and if that would have any implications on travel and also I had read a few blog posts about running a marathon and health insurance which I was worried about (if I needed hospital treatment I want to be covered!) So for my first marathon I would it would be best if I run it in the UK. It is just easier that way!

With running abroad not an option I started to focus on races I could do in the UK. A lot of marathon races are either in May or September/October and I wasn’t ready for a May race so that narrowed it down quite considerably. The route at Bournemouth was along the coast, seemed fairly flat and when I looked at the list of marathon runners and what timings they had crossed the finished line in, I knew I could run the distance within that time (I have based that prediction on my half marathon time). There are lots of different events happening that weekend as well, James could run a 10k so he wouldn’t be bored and it just looked like a really cool atmosphere.

Me having a break mid-run in Disentis, Switzerland

The Bournemouth Marathon team has sent through a training plan but I felt the easy plan was a bit too easy for me. So I had a look online and decided to follow this one. I have started at week four as I only have 16 weeks left until the race but I wasn’t too fussed by missing the other weeks anyway as I have done three half marathon’s fairly recently and a 10k as well as all my usual runs and cycle rides.

My first week (week four in the training plan)

Rest6 Miles
45-50 Min
6 Miles EZ5 Miles EZRest10 Miles LSD

27 miles I had to run. Miles I ran: 16.05, I did the 45-50 min cross training (XT) and I had two rest days!

As you can see I was 11 miles down this week. The weather hasn’t exactly helped, but really when I have been out running I haven’t done enough milage. Having done two five milers and one run at 3.94 miles (I also did a couple of shorter cool down runs). It is only going to get harder so I don’t want to get further behind.

Additionally I decided to go to DW Sports in Telford and have my gait analysed. I mentioned in a previous vlog that I am having massive problems with my left ankle and have a feeling it is to do with my running shoes (currently the Nike Zoom Pegasus 34). After running on a treadmill and looking at my gait I am pronating really badly. Therefore I need shoes with support. I have had a quick look but really round want to look at the options available before I purchase.

Next week’s schedule:

Rest5 Miles
45-50 Min
6 Miles EZ5 Miles EZRest8 Miles LSD

As I am off this week, so have a little more time. I am thinking about running five miles tomorrow as I am not doing a lot and schedule the rest day for another day. I might push for a 6 miler to get it out of the way but we shall see!

Are you running the Bournemouth Marathon, let me know below.


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