Bournemouth Marathon Training – Week Three

Photo taken before I got sick lol

It has all gone a bit awry this week with my training. To recap I have not managed to hit any of my long runs yet at all so I have been eager each week to make sure I am getting as much as the other runs in as possible. Last week I managed to get a good training block done as I was on holiday. For this week my training schedule looked like this:

Rest6 Miles 
45-50 Min 
5 Miles T5 Miles EZRest12 Miles LSD

I managed the 45-50 minute cross training session as I am also (stupidly) concurrently on a bootcamp at the same time which involves intense training. The next day I also ran 5 miles at my running club.

Then I got sick.

On Tuesday I was feeling under the weather and thought about missing run club but then thought that I was being a wuss. Oh my god, the next day I felt dreadful, dragged myself in on the Thursday at work but had to have the Friday off. I was meant to work the Saturday which I couldn’t do. So this has completely scuppered this weeks and next weeks training.

To be honest the sickness can’t be helped but it does make me think about how much exercise my body can tolerate. After a period of intense workouts (usually two-five weeks, it really isn’t that long) I feel run down and have to stop for about a week. Last year I had two bouts of chest infections with the latter lasting around six weeks which I think exercise (and also standing on cold train platforms) caused or certainly contributed to the longevity of the illness.

So next week:

Rest 6 Miles EZ45-50 Min XT 5 Miles T+H 5 Miles EZ Rest 13 Miles LSD

To be honest at this moment in time I have no idea what I will be able to do (other than rest!). But as soon as I will be able to I want to complete the 5 and 6 mile easy runs.

*update on posting this blog I am feeling much better (its Sunday) I have moved my cross training to Friday. So we shall see! I just need to make sure I don’t over do it and end up back at square one!


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