Bournemouth Marathon Training Week Two

This week’s training has been quite cool as I have been in Switzerland on holiday. My aim has been to try and complete as much as I possibly can, mainly because I am not at work therefore I have more free time on my hands (and no excuses!). What has been the biggest change to me has been that the hotel is on a hill so I have been doing more hill training with my running then I would usually be doing at home. This, at times, really has killed me in more ways than one. But I am trying to view the positives and see it as a great way to build stamina.

So this week my schedule looked like this:

Rest5 Miles 
45-50 Min 
6 Miles EZ5 Miles EZRest8 Miles LSD

I managed 7.23 miles so wasn’t shy of eight miles. I was bloody determined having had a bit of a rubbish morning (we went to a small village called Sedrun and the cable car wasn’t available therefore there was nothing to do but wait forty minutes for the next train). Therefore I wanted to be active for the afternoon to make up for the rubbish morning. It was so sunny and conscious of dehydrating myself I ran back, grabbed a drink and ran out again. I ended up even running round the block to get over the seven mile mark.

The cross training (XT) me and my partner decided to hire e-bikes. We had a lovely cycle ride up to Trun and back we cycled twenty miles in the end and I loved it. I saw some lovely views and felt that I was really exploring Switzerland.

I was shy of five miles with a 4.6 mile run. With all the hill walking I had done this week, my legs was seriously feeling it. I took two rest days. One on the Monday because my left foot was in agony (I thought I would be in pain all week) and another because I felt a bit light headed pretty much all day and I put it down to feeling a little dehydrated and having heat rash.

I forgot take my Garmin cable with me therefore my watch died on the Tuesday. It has been quite refreshing actually not being able to look at my watch and count down the miles (which I was massively doing and it was starting to ruin running for me). I still managed to record my runs on Strava using data roaming but I am looking forward to Sunday and getting my cable back.

I decided to finish off with an 8.18 mile mountain bike ride around Cannock Chase today (Sunday). I just didn’t want to run anymore, I wanted to do something active but not to run.

To add up I ran 11.9 miles (I should have ran 24 miles.. eek!)

Next week’s schedule:

Rest6 Miles
45-50 Min
5 Miles T5 Miles EZRest12 Miles LSD

I am nervous about the 12 mile run, I am not going to lie as I haven’t hit any of my long runs since I have started this programme. I will fit either a five or six mile run at the running club. I will definitely have the rest day on the Wednesday. and will try and fit a five mile run after work on the Saturday (six day working week for me when I am back!). I have to say, I have got my fitness mojo back a bit now.

Beforehand I was in a real rut and really went off exercising in general but having such a big goal to focus on is really helping. I feel better for it too.


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