I went to see the Spice Girls…

The Spice Girls at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, June 2019

I went to see the Spice Girls at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry recently. To say I was very excited was an understatement. Having been a massive fan of them when I was younger and having missed out on the reunion tour the last time, I was quite eager to go this time.

When the tickets came out I had two laptops, ipad and three phones with ticketmaster open. After being unsuccessful the first time, I managed to get tickets in the second round purely by luck really. I was on my way to Brum and happened to have left the web page open on James’ phone and he just said “Becky, I can buy tickets here” the tickets had actually gone live before the announcement!

The Spice Girls at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, June 2019

I had heard there was sound issues at the Dublin concert but was hoping considering I had paid £93 for a ticket and £20 for pre-paid parking at the arena (an absolute must, it completely took the stress out!) that there wouldn’t be a problem. I hadn’t been to the Ricoh Arena before and that roundabout just outside the arena is horrendous! The traffic was awful and I literally saw a limo pull up on the roundabout and a load of women get out and walking across four lanes of traffic!

Image of Jess Glynn at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, June 2019

After parking up and seeing getting our seats, Jess Glynn came on stage and sang a few songs. I actually saw Jess Glynn perform at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend last year and she was good and I knew what to expect from her set. She sang a set which lasted about 40 minutes. Afterwards there was a break and Spice Girls came on about half eight.

I had never been to a concert at a stadium before (I did see JLS at Stoke City Stadium quite a few years back but that doesn’t really count!) but oh my god. The sound wasn’t great, I have no idea whose idea it was to hold it in a stadium. Yes you could hear the music but you couldn’t hear the singing well at all. When the Spice Girls were talking in between, if they were speaking at the same time you just couldn’t hear them at all. Sometimes it sounded like someone had put their voices through a scrambler! When you could hear them, I give them credit the Spice Girls can sing. The stage set and lighting was really good. Plenty of fireworks and confetti and they had the wristbands which lit up at certain points of the songs as well.

The Spice Girls at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, June 2019

Have you gone to see the Spice Girls? What did you think?


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