Bournemouth Marathon Training – Week 4

Rebecca Merchant standing by a graffitied wall with the words Bournemouth Marathon Training Week Four written on it in Photoshop

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I appreciate I haven’t written this post out on time, I wasn’t really feeling like blogging it to be honest. To pick up where I last left off. I had a really good block of running whilst I was in Switzerland on holiday. I came back and got sick and spent most of it in bed. I was meant to do this for week four:

Parkrun on the Saturday was my first time I did exercise, I felt quite sluggish and slow but managed to get under 30 minutes. I had to do 400 squats and 60 minutes on the stair master as part of my bootcamp session and I did that spread over the Saturday and Sunday. I really felt back to normal and was pleased with how I performed (even though I could barley walk afterwards). I am still conscious that I am very far behind in my training but it was worth spending the extra time to recover.

Next weeks training schedule:


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