Bournemouth Marathon Training – Week 5

Rebecca Merchant wearing a black and red Wolf Run top. Image taken in a wheat field.
Massive throw back to when I went running last year. Even though I added a ‘golden’ lightroom preset to this image I still feel knackered haha!

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This week’s schedule:

6 miles easy
45-50 minute cross training
5 miles negative split
5 miles easy run
10 miles long slow distance run

The weeks seem to be flying at the moment (eek!) and I am increasingly aware that the marathon date is rolling ever closer. After feeling a lot better at the tail end of last week I started this week with a bootcamp session on the Monday night. I mentioned briefly in week three that I had signed myself up for a bootcamp course at my local gym. I naively thought I could cope with both and I was so so wrong. The bootcamp consists of one 45 minute training session a week then we have ‘homework’ which we complete in teams.

I completely underestimated how much of my time the bootcamp would take. Since I had did all of my homework for the week on Saturday and Sunday, the session on Monday really took it out of me but I got the cross-training session done. On the Tuesday it was run club where I ran 3.70 miles. I got two personal records on the segments according to Strava which is nice to see so soon after coming back from illness. Wednesday I worked late so couldn’t fit in any exercise and on Thursday and Friday I gave my body a much needed break.

On Saturday I did a Parkrun and got a Parkrun PB (27.55) which I am so pleased with! I didn’t set out to get a PB and it was only when I turned the final bend and looked at my Garmin watch that I realised that a PB could be possible. I am so glad I got one and my next aim is to get that down to 26 minutes by the end of the year which I feel that is achievable. I ran another random mile around just off the course but decided that I wanted to go to the gym and do my ‘homework’. I drove to the gym and slugged it out on the rower (I had to row 10,000 miles) and also did a workout using the Concept2 SkiErg (which I really really like).

Sunday was my long run day, I went in with this run with no pressure at all to perform. I wasn’t going to go home without doing at least eight miles, I ran nine miles in the end which I was very, very pleased with. I felt that my fitness has improved a lot as it didn’t feel like a slog, I didn’t feel fat (I have lost a little bit of weight but not enough that it would be making a difference). But most of all, I enjoyed it as I haven’t really being enjoying running all that much recently. Finishing that run also meant that I completed the Race to the Moon challenge on Strava with six days to go, which was another goal of mine to complete.

From looking at what I should have been doing this week I have ran 16.90 miles and I should have ran 26 miles. I am a bit annoyed looking back that my long run was 10 miles as I could have managed that (I didn’t check beforehand).

I have found this week hard on so many levels. Up until today I haven’t been enjoying fitness that much for a while. I have other hobbies in my spare time such as learning HTML and CSS via code academy, and learning German via Duolingo. I like reading as well and, to be honest, I was starting to really regret signing up for the marathon as I am enjoying my other hobbies so much more than fitness.

Balancing that with bootcamp as well, was stupid on so many levels. Although I underestimated the amount of commitment that the bootcamp would take. It didn’t help that I missed the first week so I felt behind before I had even started. With the extra running and fitness I am seeing results with feeling more toned and I feel fitter as well.

One disadvantage was that I was constantly tired as well but having had an early night this week, it made such a difference so I aim to have an early night at least once in the week so I am not completely crashing at the weekend or making other excuses to not go running.

Next week’s schedule:

14 miles would be the furthest I have ever ran. To be honest I probably won’t hit it but I will aim to run ten miles at least. There isn’t a bootcamp session this week but I won’t be doing a cross training session I will do a run to get those miles up.

How do you cope when you get marathon blues?


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