Bournemouth Marathon Training – Week 6

Rebecca in a fluorescent jacket
A throw back to me before one of my winter runs (I am seriously running! out of running pics!)

Hello, hello!

Today I actually have put aside my Sunday to write lots of posts on my blog and one of this is to do a massive catch up on my training for the Bournemouth Marathon. To be honest this marathon training is just taking over my life, I just have no time in the week to blog as I am either out training or coming back and sleeping!

So for week six my schedule was to complete this:

The week started out with a club run at Green Heart Runners – my work’s running club. It was really hot actually and I was feeling it a little bit after the cross-training session the day before but all was good. I ran 3.63 miles. I also ran around Penkridge after work. I like my Penkridge runs as I change at work so once I get off the train I dump my bag in the car, go for a run and then when I am home I am done exercising for the night! I had to cut that run short, however, as it started absolutely chucking it down and I only had my shorts and a vest top on. I usually just keep running if it rains whilst I am out. But it was just hammering it down and I didn’t want to get ill. With the rain it did mean that I only ran 3.36 miles which was far shorter than what I wanted to run.

Whilst I was running in Penkridge I also fitted in my bootcamp ‘homework’ of 2000 sit ups and 2000 push ups over the two week period. I found a field and managed to do 200 sit ups and about 30 push ups. I had to laugh when – mid- sit up I saw this dog staring back at me!

The next run as the Parkrun on the Saturday. I am slowly getting these Parkrun’s under my belt (read my post on me trying to get my 50th Parkrun this year). Before heading over to my parent’s house in Lincolnshire for the weekend. It was a beautiful Sunday and was really warm when I headed out for my long run. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fulfil the 14 miles as the problem is (not an excuse) where my Dad lives the village is close to lots of A roads with no paths and with cars whizzing pass at 60mph I have cycled on those roads millions of times and love it but running on them- no.

Unfortunately I had come down with really bad period pain and I just couldn’t run very far. Usually I am fine when I run on my period (although I do notice my performance dip, I feel like I have no energy). It reminded me of that horrible time when I was in Florida at Christmas and I was running and the period pain was so bad that I nearly passed out on the street (seriously not joking) I had to keep stopping and at one point I was literally sitting in the street (there were no paths and I was half in and half out someone’s garden). I may actually do a whole other post on fitness and periods.

So my running was really off this week. But I am not going to dwell on it and I am focusing on the next week:

6 Miles EZ
45-50 Min XT
6 Miles NS
5 Miles EZ
10 Miles LSD


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