Bournemouth Marathon Training – Week 7

Rebecca Merchant looking over Whinlatter Forest Park


Lots of posts about my training for the upcoming Bournemouth Marathon on this blog at the moment but I am all caught up now!

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6 Miles EZ
45-50 Min XT
6 Miles NS
5 Miles EZ
10 Miles LSD

Last week I was really conscious that my milage is still quite low per week, so on the Saturday I was determined to run at least 14 miles. The run club was cancelled as lightning was forecast so I hadn’t done any running up until the Saturday. So on the Saturday I did Parkrun and afterwards went for a run in Cannock Chase. I decided to switch and do my long run on the Saturday rather than the Sunday as I wanted to relax on the Sunday and not feel completely knackered on the Monday.

By doing Parkrun first it helped me mentally as it meant once I had finished I was already 3 miles done. The weather was lovely as well and you could hear all of the insects which was just lush and such a lovely change which helped as in my last long run it was absolutely chucking it down. In the end I managed 13 1/2 miles.

It took me over three hours which is the longest half marathon I have done but there were lots of lessons learnt. Mainly that I need to plan a route beforehand. I hadn’t planned a route beforehand because I was just going to run the blue cycle route that is marked around Cannock Chase however because of the hot weather, if I did that I wouldn’t be getting a drink. Therefore I kept looping back to the car to get some water. I was demotivated because I didn’t know where to go. However I did find some really lovely new walking routes that I will walk my dog around in the future.


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