Bournemouth Marathon Training – Week 11

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Rebecca Merchant on the beach at Playa Del Inglés

Well my blog writing has been all over the place recently in regards to the Bournemouth Marathon. To be honest I have so much going on recently and running is taking up so much of my free time. I can see the end is in sight so I am just holding on now!

This week I have been on my holibobs in Gran Canaria. It is my first time on the island but not my first time in the Canary Isles as I went to Lanzarote nine years ago!

Dunes at Maspalomas

As expected it was hot so although I kept the running up it was short miles rather than anything tangible (it all helps however!). My first run was a four mile run on the beach and I didn’t realise how hard it was to run through that sand! It was like trying to run up an escalator going in the opposite direction! But I welcomed the challenge as I knew I wouldn’t be running long miles this week. It wasn’t hot, in fact it rained :/ but it was a lovely start to the week.

Rebecca on an e-bike on the promenade at Playa Del Inglés

On the Tuesday I cycled just under ten miles around Playa Del Ingles. It was e-biking which is one of my new favourite things to do whilst on a trip away. So I did get a helping hand and it was fairly flat so it wasn’t too taxing but it is better than nothing! I also did a run on that day (2.06 miles) just on the promenade and I managed to get a top ten on a segment on Strava. I have to say I don’t get quite as many running top tens (not like I did when I was cycling in Stoke back when I used to live there). And I find it extra special when I get a top ten whilst abroad because it feels like leaving a mark.

Stretch of water at Maspalomas

On the Wednesday I ran through the dunes (on marked paths!) at Maspalomas. It was hard work due to it being hot and the sand, it took me a 1hr 22min to run 4.66 miles! Madness! I had a couple of days off then did my final run on the island again running up the promenade and onto the beach running 3.44 miles.

I got back to the UK early Sunday morning (just gone 12 midnight!). So did a 6.51 mile run that evening. I varied my route around Hednesford and ran through some streets which I hadn’t run through. It did bring a smile to my face as I do enjoy exploring the local area. I dragged myself out on that run because I am so close to the marathon now that I cannot afford to skip runs. I have to say the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast really helped me through the run.

In terms of following the training plan I found on the internet, I was meant to have run 26 miles this week. This week I have ran 18 miles which is still a little way off what I should have been running! If I had done the 12 miles today I would have been ok but with travelling back up to the Midlands I just couldn’t fit it in. I was also meant to do 45-50 minute cross training which I will count the e-biking as cross training.

To be honest, I am excited but also nervous about the marathon now. It is just around the corner and I have finalised plans to stay at my cousins house. It is all got very real, I have been reading up and the atmosphere at Bournemouth is meant to be really good so I am very excited, I am also excited as my partner has decided to run the half marathon so we both get to share the fun over the weekend.

This coming week my goal is to start visualising the route. It may sound a bit pansy but when I received the Great Run race magazines for the Birmingham Half and Great North Run it had the race routes in. So I started memorising them and it really helped me get through the course as I remembered points on the course so I could visually see in my mind how much I had left.

Do you visualise your race routes?


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