Bournemouth Marathon training – Week 12

Rebecca Merchant squinting in the sun at the Lichfield 10k.

It is next week. And I am scared! This week was all about small milage to keep my legs fresh and help with muscle memory. This week has been intense, I have stayed a little later at work to catch up from when I have been away on holiday, which has meant I have been arriving back late. I ran 3.85 miles at the run club on Tuesday and I am coming down with something. My plan was to go running on the Saturday and Sunday as I had to attend a wedding on the Friday so didn’t have the time then. But I haven’t done any of this as I feel so rough and am starting to panic that I will not be able to run next week. I am going to miss run club to give me the best chance to recover. I will see. It will be such a shame to fall at the last hurdle.


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