Bournemouth Marathon training – Week 8 (26/8/2019)

Rebecca Merchant selfie whilst running in Cannock

This week I have been back on it with the running. I ran two miles on the Monday (final bank holiday until Christmas for a while!) it was really hot and the sun was just lovely running through the outskirts of Cannock Chase. On Tuesday it was back at run club, I had a really fun session where we ran three different loops around the University which despite a migrane threatening to appear and it still being hot.

Then I was a Parkrun tourist running the run at Chasewater (if you can call living fifteen minutes away being a Parkrun tourist). I had never been to Chasewater (my partner is put off by the noise from the traffic along the M6). So it was a real treat, I didn’t realise there would be this patch of countryside at the back of the reservoir and that there was a train track. Afterwards we had a little walk round and I am definitely going to go back there with the dog and have a picnic!

On the Sunday I had all the intentions of running 13 miles but it just didn’t happen. I woke up at half nine – which is so late for me! But I felt so lucid it took a lot for me to wake up. I think my body just really needed the rest. Therefore it was rushing around trying to get everything done. Eventually I just decided to jack it in and go walk my dog instead with my partner in Cannock Chase.

So am I nervous about running the marathon?

Well if you look at my performance from this training plan then yes I am very behind. However when I looked at the training plan that is on the Bournemouth Marathon site then I am actually on track!

Are you running the Bournemouth Marathon? If so, how is your training coming along?


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