Race Roundup – Lichfield 10k

Rebecca Merchant holding up Lichfield 10k finishers medal

Lichfield 10k has been on my race radar for a little while now. I live close to Lichfield and was forever seeing runners at the local Parkrun with the finishers shirt on. It must have been the power of subliminal advertising because I wanted in on the action this year!

I paid for a place quite far in advance and although I don’t know if it sells out, it is very popular and they didn’t offer on the day booking this year so I would recommend booking as soon as possible. I received an email two days in advance of the race with details on how to get to the venue, where to leave bags, what facilities would be there etc. There were directional signs leading into Lichfield as well which was really handy.

The email recommended arriving at 9:30am (the race starts at 10:30am) which I do recommend doing. We got parked quickly enough (parking is on the school field which is so handy). It gives you enough time to nip to the loos, and also get the race shirt which I really do recommend getting beforehand. It is another thing you don’t have to worry about and also it means you are not running the risk of them running out in your size. What I did think was good was that they did tick off your name rather than you just asking which size you wanted when you went to get the shit. This means less people changing their minds and nabbing the smalls rather than the mediums that they originally ordered.

The route doesn’t pass through the town so you don’t see the cathedral which I was surprised about (often at those races you also pass these types of landmarks) but I can understand why, it would cause chaos in town with all the runners as Lichfield is so small!

Although in the morning it was cold, it has really warmed up by the time the race had started. There isn’t any hydration stations at the start so make sure to bring your own bottle ( I had stupidly left mine in the car and didn’t have time to go back and fetch it). Therefore I was concerned about passing out from the lack of hydration (or more likely having a really bad migraine afterwards which has happened to me at races in the past). I was fine however and made sure I drank the water at 5k.

The route starts in Lichfield at the King Edward VI school right next to parking which is really handy and heads out along Tamworth Road, turns left down Whittington Common Road up Darnford Lane which leads back into Lichfield finishing on the school playing field.

Crowds of runners at the start line of the Lichfield 10k

The race was mainly flat to be honest other than up Darnford Lane. Darnford Lane wasn’t really hilly either just a long incline. Once you were up Darnford Lane you were on the home straight. There were signs for every kilometre and a hydration station after 5k where there were small cups of water. The finish line was on the playing field at the school which is really handy. No trekking back to the car!

Finish area. There is a ice cream van and a massage area there are lots of runners in the photo

We were given a medal, bottle of water and I think a banana was also on offer (but I didn’t grab one as I hate them!). The fact you can grab what you want is really good. No wastage! McDonalds gave out free squash and I had a free massage from EBROOK Osteopathy. I had never had a sports massage before as there are always really long queues by the time I finish. But for some reason the queue was really short, I had beaten my partner back who been supporting me part way around the course so decided why not! I ran the race in 57:39 which isn’t a PB but is pretty close to my Lincoln 10K PB which was 57:28. I felt strong throughout, overall a good day.

Lichfield 10ks FAQs

How much did it cost?
Entry is £19.00

Is it ballot entry?

Is there a bag drop?
Yes there is, I didn’t use it but I think it was in the sports hall.

What swag do you get?
Race shirt, race medal, bottle of water and a banana.

Were there any pacers?
Yes there were!

Is is a personal best race?
No because not all the roads were closed therefore at times we were running on paths and at points pretty much single file.

Would you run the race again?
To be honest no. Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t find it that ‘spectacular’ that I would consider running again. It is just a really well organised, local race.


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