#whatbeckyread – Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

Book cover of Rogue Lawyer
Yeah I forgot to take a photo of the book before I gave it back to my friend!

2019 seems to be the year for me reading lots and lots of crime books! Another book I have borrowed off my friend (consequently saving me a fortune in books!) is Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham. John Grisham has been described as one of America’s best known writers (sounds like he is up there with James Patterson and Tom Clancy) Rogue Lawyer tells the story of Sebastian Rudd, an unconventional lawyer with an unconventional story to tell. He is unconventional as he takes on the cases that no lawyer wants to take on. This often means he travels and works in a bullet proof van (his last office was fire bombed), carries a gun for protection and sleeps in cheap motel rooms to stay alive.

Sebastian’s personal life is just as colourful as his work life. He married his ex-wife because she was pregnant eventually the marriage didn’t work out and she left him for a woman. He has very little to do with his son’s life but still see’s him occasionally as he feels that he may wants to play a larger part in his son’s life in the future.

The story is split into six parts and starts with his court cases. There is Gardy who has been accused of murdering two young girls although he is innocent and can prove he is innocent because he isn’t liked the local law enforcement wants him put away. There is Link Scalon who managed to escape death row and is now after Sebastian because he thinks he didn’t do his job properly when Sebastian represented him. The most poignant case is where Sebastian defends a war veteran who shot at a SWAT team after the SWAT team storm his house in the middle of the night and shoots his wife dead due to a mistake.

I have to say the book wouldn’t have been one that I picked up myself and I didn’t really hold out much hope for it. I know you should never judge a book by the cover but with this one I did but I really loved the book. I loved all of the intertwining lawsuit stories which to me kept me intrigued until the real story begins and Sebastian gets caught out.

If you read reviews elsewhere some people will argue that it is a collection of short stories with a very loose plot whilst others will say it is a full book. I can see both sides as I did think at one point if the story would ever actually start but felt personally that the law stories help build up the context of the story. I have read that this book is very different to John’s other books he has written (lots of reviews I have read mention felt that this book was not one of his best) so I am going to take a look at his other books.


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