Why I didn’t run the Bournemouth Marathon (and what my marathon training taught me)

Rebecca running in Gran Canaria

and I didn’t run the marathon.

I am devastated that I didn’t run the Bournemouth marathon. However I have been fighting a virus over the past two weeks and it hasn’t got any better therefore it wasn’t right for me to run the marathon. I do feel unwell and it is likely I wouldn’t finish it and the travel down to Bournemouth. It is a long way for me as well and I just know it would make me feel worse.

So will I run another marathon?

Bournemouth was the last marathon of the year so any marathon I will run now will be in 2020. I am gutted in the fact that that I wanted to move on and reduce my running to focus on other projects, so to keep up the same type of running schedule it will mean I will have to put these projects on hold. So it is something that I will need to consider.

So what have I learnt from my marathon journey

Even though I didn’t finish the marathon, I did learn a lot and put a lot of work in so to not talk about it would be such a shame. Also people have to cancels marathons all the time- they get injured, other things come up but don’t talk about it. Even though I didn’t complete the marathon I learnt a lot through the process. Other than trying to achieve 50 Parkruns in a year, this was a goal that I had to put the effort in early. I couldn’t just rock up and run 26.2. It was my first real long term goal for me.

Not all training plans are created equal

I had followed this plan on the internet which I found really hard. I think this was down to hiking up my milage really quickly and I didn’t take into account that my body was probably going to suffer for it. I took a look at the official Bournemouth Marathon training plans but felt the starter plan wouldn’t be enough to see myself through the marathon. What I will do next time is spend more time looking at training plans and seeing what suits me best.

It will suck up all of your time

When I was training it sucked up all of my free time. When I wasn’t at work I was either running or at the gym or recovering from running. I had to admit it did get to me at one point as I was exhausted so I took a step back and had a week off to recover.

Running will take you places

Running has given me so many new places to explore – I have been to various Parkruns such as Bath (where you get a wonderful view of the city on the route) as well as running in different countries. I have discovered new places in my local area as well which I wouldn’t have otherwise if I hadn’t planned the running route.

I picked Bournemouth because I wouldn’t have been ready for any of the spring marathon races, I will keep you updated on whether I enter in Bournemouth 2020 or another marathon.

Have you had to cancel a marathon?


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