Garmin Badges – why are they so rubbish

Garmin badges

I absolutely love my Garmin watch (Forerunner 235 FYI) I have written a post about it (wearing it alongside my Kate Spade bangle that I lost, sob!) and one thing I was constantly obsessing back in January was collecting Garmin badges. For those that don’t know on Garmin Connect, the app for the Garmin watch there is a section where you can collect badges for completing different types of activity. The activities range from adding a new piece of kit, running a marathon to having a rest day and everything in between. There is even Zombie badge where you have to connect with someone who already has that badge to catch the ‘disease’. With that one I went as far as contacting someone on a fitness forum who had the badge to see if they could share it with me!

I was so obsessed I did a deep dive on Google and found an article written by the guy that designed the Garmin badges (I do love the designs as I am an utter magpie) and a site that has unofficial Garmin badges.

I have collected 53 badges in my time of having this watch but recently I have become so fed up in the fact the badges that are now on offer are really naff and not motivating at all.

Why so naff?

What I have noticed really is the rise of sponsored badges. These are usually for those running in the sponsored races. I actually don’t mind this- I think it is a good idea actually but coupled with badges for activities that most people won’t do (diving, flying a drone, flying in a wing suit and the kids watches (like the Star Wars one) and the – what I call ‘admin ones’ (scheduling a training plan, creating a segment). It doesn’t leave much to aim for. Surprising from a company that is using gamification to push people out of their comfort zones to earn these badges.

What they could do better

Garmin could make gaining badges so much more fun. They could have a Birthday and Christmas badges where you have to do an activity on those dates. International Women’s Day badges, badges for running with your dog. I don’t want to turn into a Girl Guide but I think it is something that could easily be rectified and make so many users happy.

What are your thoughts? Are there any badges you want them to introduce?


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