My experience running 50 Parkruns

Me and James after our 50th parkrun

One New Year’s resolution that I wanted to complete last year was to run 50 Parkruns and on a cold November Saturday at Cannock Chase I BLOODY DID IT! I wrote a post about my aim to run 50 back in June. This post goes into detail about my experience running 50, my best (and worst) runs and what my aims are next.

James baked brownies to celebrate

A little bit of my Parkrun journey, I ran my first parkrun since 2016 but wasn’t a regular goer. Having to wake at 6.30am for work five days a week meant that the timing at 9am put me off as I wanted a lie in (although actually I am glad it is that time as it sets me up for the day). I needed to run 27 parkrun’s to achieve my 50 so started out by seeing if running 27 was a reality for me and at that point I had enough free days in the calendar that meant I could do it. To keep myself on track, I marked out the Saturday of my last parkrun in my phone calendar. Originally it was going to be in October but gradually it became November as I pushed it back due to various things.

I did find it hard, there was a period in February where I couldn’t go to three Parkruns because my car was in for repair over two weekends and I felt really crap for one weekend so didn’t leave the house. This seriously put me back and for the rest of the year I felt really stressed if I had to miss a Parkrun. What I also found hard was balancing Parkrun with the marathon training. I would try and ‘bolt’ the marathon training onto the Parkrun. So do the Parkrun first then do the marathon miles after. But I found for me it didn’t really work.

An early parkrun picture at Cannock Chase

There were highlights and one of those for me was being a ‘parkrun tourist’ so doing parkruns that I wouldn’t have done before. I loved Bath Skyline parkrun as the 5k was spread over different terrain and at one point, as the name suggest, there is a beautiful view of Bath. I wished I had stopped to take a photo! I love Cannock Chase, my local Parkrun. I am so lucky to have a beautiful Parkrun on my doorstep and it is a loop which I prefer then having to do laps. I liked Finsbury Parkrun because I felt really good the entire way and was absolutely flying. I would have gone faster but was so hot, due to wearing too many layers, I would have passed out. I certainly knew I had done well as I got my overall Personal Best there. I also like Aylesbury Vale Parkrun. There car park is quite far away from the start and you have to get there early to park BUT I like running through all of this wood and greenery then running onto a path for about a minute then running out into more open space.

Moving forward I have decided NOT to aim to get my 100 shirt for now. The reason being is that running and fitness took up most of my spare time in 2019 and I want to do other things in 2020 as detailed in my 2020 resolutions post such as mountain biking and filming. I will still continue to go to Parkrun, as it is a nice way to set yourself up for the weekend. But if I want to stay in bed, then I will!

My parkrun stats

Do you run parkrun? Have you run fifty or is it one of your aims?


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