New Years Resolutions 2020

Not only is it a new year but it is also a new decade! I like having resolutions and and I don’t believe you have to wait until January to make them either! I will take a look back at some of my aims from 2019 and what my aims for this year!

Complete 50 Parkruns

One aim I really wanted to finish was 50 parkruns and I completed this at the end of November! I will do a full blog post on my experience but I will say that I was really pleased. I thought at one point I wasn’t going to get to fifty due to being ill and having other commitments on a weekend. I remember in February my car was in for repair so I missed two weekends and I was in such a funk on one weekend that I didn’t leave the house AT ALL (I do feel like that occasionally). I didn’t think that after missing three weekends in a row I would come back from that. James and I made brownies to celebrate with a fifty candle on top and it was just nice after having it on my list for so long to tick it off!

Run a marathon

This wasn’t a January resolution but one I decided to make part way through the year! This one I didn’t achieve unfortunately. I made the decision to run the marathon in May and announced it on my blog in June. I have written about it a lot on my blog but to recap I decided to run the Bournemouth Marathon back in May time. Because I made the decision to run the marathon so late I had to pick an October one and there wasn’t that many marathons to pick from in October. I really struggled with the whole process really but the worse part was that I was constantly tired. I was tired to the point that I had to take the week off running as I constantly felt like shit, I was run down A LOT due to the amount of exercise I was doing and I got injured which I hated.

Will I do a marathon this year. To be honest no, I have no plans too. Although I was the fittest I was last year, the amount of time it took and how miserable it made me I have other aims that I want to achieve.

See my family more

I live in a different county to my parents and since I left home at 16 to go to boarding school, I really haven’t seen them enough. In 2019 I set myself the goal to see my parents at least once a month. Although I didn’t see them once a month, most of that was genuine reason such as being ill on a particular week. That said I saw them much more than I would usually and I hosted Christmas at my house with them last year which was really special.

Write on my blog more

I have had this blog a VERY long time (six years!) on and off. I started writing about cycling (one and her bicycle I think it was called) I really struggle balancing this with a full time job and although I am so expecting stardom I did want to write more. Having had a quick look at my statistics since 2013 I am surprised that I did seem to write a blog post almost every month 45 blog posts were written in 2018 (the most times I have written on my blog in a year) and in 2019 I wrote 39!

To be honest I am pleased that I wrote 39 blog posts, I am more shocked that I hadn’t realised I had written a lot of other blog posts in other years and should have factored that in when I made that resolution! Part way through the year I also set the aim of publishing 200 blog posts in total. I was well on my way until November and December hit me lie a train and I was just too busy and exhausted to devote the time to it. Therefore by the end of 2019 I had published 190 blog posts in total.

I also updated my wordpress theme in the summer, which was a big achievement for me as I thought I would never do it! I was bored of the pipdig one and felt there were better templates out there. I purchased my wonderful template from Kontryna Bass design which I found by having a browse at other blog sites and seeing what other bloggers are using. I installed it myself made me feel really clever being able to install it myself successfully even though it was so easy to do!

Make a few videos

One resolution which would actually help me at work was to make a couple of videos to help my editing skills. I did make a couple of youtube videos this year (I find it super cringe!) and however I found I enjoyed editing and creating the videos. You can find them here and here.

Less scrolling

I really started to notice I was scrolling wayyy to much on my phone. Even on the train to and from work I felt that I wasn’t getting the best out of my commute. Although I love Instagram as a social media network I was feeling really miserable looking at all the beautiful pictures and I really hate with twitter (my second best network) that I can see what other people have been doing in the twitter feed. I just want to see other people’s twitter posts! I did do a massive twitter purge back in September which made me happy and I have started to bring more books onto the train and listen to podcasts again. I wouldn’t say this was a successful resolution.

What are my 2020 resolutions

Scroll less

As above I want to make a conscious effort to scroll less, I have made a good start but I could do better. I have the app Your hour which I will configure properly so it doesn’t count Spotify, Podcast Addict and Trello. Apps I don’t consider time wasting!

Make more videos

Continuing from last year, I want to ramp up my video editing and filming skills.

Learn more about coding

I made quite a head way with this in the summer of last year by using code academy. I learnt A LOT about CSS and HTML and some of it has helped in work. I want to build upon this and may even get the paid version so I can create sites.

Enter in a mountain bike competition

As you can see fitness isn’t a priority for me this year as running was for me last year. However I enjoy mountain biking and there is this race in Cannock Chase which total beginners can enter so I want to enter in that.

Strengthen my core

I have a weird body shape where my core isn’t as strong and lean as the rest of my body. Therefore I am going to ramp up the fitness to this area this year.

Be more financial literate

To give myself credit I am not bad with finances. I save every month, have different accounts and have two pensions. However I am not good at shopping around for the best deal and really understanding my pensions. So this is something I want to improve on this year.

See my family more

I am going to keep my once a month resolution to see my family!

Do you keep New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.


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