Four podcasts I have been listening to lately

I have reviewed a number of podcasts on my blog before (they make the time go by so quickly) and today I am back with four more that I have recently been listening to.

Eye of the storm

This podcast by BBC 5live is presented by Emma Barnett and each week she interviews a person who found themselves at the centre of a news story and how their life has changed. The episodes are about half an hour in length and I have listened to a few now and I have to say the interviewers (I have listened to episodes presented by Emma Barnett, Adrian Chiles and Anna Foster) are really skilled at getting to the heart of the story but also grilling the guests about the choices they made.

My favourite episodes: Ahh lots to choose from. A few stories include Ella Dove who had to have her leg amputated when she fell over on a canal tow path. Tragic school sports day when Lis Cashin then a 13 year old school pupil’s life changed forever when she threw a javelin that hit and killed her classmate. Finally the Mid-Staffs whistleblower Helene Donnelly who revealed the scandal at Stafford hospital. That is of particular interest as it is only down the road from me!

Thanks a million

Presented by Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon – Thanks a million delves into what her guests are thankful for and how people and experiences they have had have made them into the person they are today. It is a really unique concept and a really enjoyable podcast. Guest have included Dawn O’Porter, Jonny Benjamin, Pandora Sykes and Cash Carraway.

My favourite episodes: Cash Carraway’s was a really good listen into what it is like to be homeless, working in Soho and how she got her book deal.

Dolly Parton’s America

Created by Jad Abumrad of Radiolab and More Perfect fame (both podcasts I have reviewed before). Dolly Parton’s America tells the story of why Dolly Parton has become the cultural icon she is. Obvious I knew who Dolly Parton is (I mean who doesn’t?!) and I didn’t hate her music but I wasn’t a fan as such. This podcast delves into her life and she gives her perspective on how she feels on being classed as a feminist icon and her thoughts on feminism. Various episodes delve into her time with Porter Wagoner, the story behind her iconic song Jolene and the controversy surrounding Dolly Parton’s Stampede.

It isn’t all a one sided affair with Dolly Parton. There are criticisms and she is challenged as well. Even if you are not a fan of Dolly Parton if you are interested in social history this is a good podcast to listen too.

My favourite episodes: One episode I found particularly interesting is the history class at the University of Tennessee called Dolly Parton’s America where students have to explore and write an assignment on what is Dolly Parton’s America.

Open Mind – Frankie Bridge

A recent podcast I have been listening too. Presented by Frankie Bridge best known singer from The Saturday’s and S Club Juniors. Frankie’s podcast accompany’s her book OPEN mind (which I have reviewed here) Frankie opens up about her mental health and invites her guests to share there experiences as well. Her podcast is a great little listen as she is such a lovely person with a variety of guests including Mollie King, The Mac Twins and Emma Gannon to name but a few.

My favourite episode: I loved the episode with Mollie King as they were both in the same band together it was a great introduction into why Frankie is raising awareness around mental health.

What podcasts do you listen to?

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