#whatbeckyread – Janey the vet

Whilst I was off sick from my op my partner got me this book as a get well soon prezzie! Dr Janey Lowes is a vet from County Durham who in 2014 after going on holiday in Sir Lanka and seeing the ill street dogs made the life changing decision to leave her safe job at a veterinary practice and move across the world to start a clinic to help Sir Lanka’s street dogs. This book details her journey from her childhood through to vet school, her early working days and setting up and developing WeCare Worldwide.

I had watched Janey on Ben Fogle’s New lives in the wild and she had such a bubbly personality and that shone through in the book. It was a really easy read, informative and educational. Janey goes into great detail about the challenges with the conditions of the dogs, the lack of funds she has to improvise, cultural barriers but also the hope, successes and the change she is creating in the community. You can clearly see Janey’s passion for veterinary medicine and her caring about animals shine through in the book. Ben Fogle said she was an inspiration and she really is. We certainly need more Janey’s in the world.

If you love animals or want to read a story of someone who is really making a difference in the world this is the book to read.

Learn more about WeCare worldwide.


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