#whatbeckyread – OPEN Frankie Bridge

I love The Saturdays and even went and watched them on tour back in 2014. I was also familiar with Frankie from her days in S Club Juniors. I knew Frankie was a Mind ambassador and had depression whilst in The Saturdays and had been hospitalised due to her mental health. When I saw this book had been reviewed in Comospolitan, I knew I had to get it. OPEN details Frankie’s life with depression and anxiety and why her experience asking for help saved her and how helping others can aid them.

Split into 14 chapters that you can dip in and out of. OPEN follows Frankie for the most part different stages of her life from being a child through to being in The Saturdays to having children. What enhances the book is the contributions from both Frankie’s psychiatrist and psychologist explaining different types of anti-depressants to explaining why Frankie would have felt that way at that point.

I think, like many others, what surprised me was I didn’t realise just how ill Frankie had been for such an extended period of time and all of the different medications she had tried to get herself on an even keel. It is a really good example at how appearances can be deceiving.

I have no criticisms of the book, OPEN, in my opinion, was one of the best books about mental health I have seen. It does not preach, it does not tell you what to do. It is an honest account of living with depression and anxiety backed up with expert medical knowledge written in a way that is accessible to everyone. I feel that the book really demonstrates how asking for help isn’t shameful and how beneficial it can be. Frankie also hosts a podcast called Open Minds where she interviews guests about mental health with a different topic each week.


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