#whatbeckyread – So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

I have reviewed The Cows before on my blog (a book I have described as Bat Shit crazy but it is really good!) and have listened to Dawn O’Porter on several different podcasts and it was from Emma Gannon’s podcast I heard about the book So Lucky and it sounded really good so thought I would have to give it a whirl.

So Lucky is about three women – Beth, Ruby and Lauren who on the outside seem to have it sorted. Lauren is an influencer with thousands of followers, a rich fiancé and seems to have it all. Beth runs a successful wedding event business and has recently had a baby and a husband. Finally Ruby who works retouching images and has a 2 1/2 year old daughter.

However this book plays on the idea that not everything is what it seems. That everyone is carrying extra baggage, has secrets and flaws. Ruby is battling with a mother who does not care for her and also polycystic ovary syndrome which damages her self confidence and she has issues with her daughter. Beth has problems with her husband and Lauren battles with a family secret and rumours that her fiancé is cheating on her. The book is written from all three perspectives (with Lauren through her Instagram posts).

I have to say at first I really struggled with the book and if it wasn’t for my hospital stay I would have probably given up. Mainly because it took a long time for the book to ‘get going’ and at the beginning I found the characters were just unlikeable! Near the end the book does come into its own and gets enjoyable.

Dawn also has a podcast coming out soon, also called ‘so lucky’ so I am looking forward to listening to that.

Have you read any of Dawn O’Porter’s books? What do you think of them?


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