Lockdown musings #3

The one where I had my birthday in lockdown…

On Monday, the biggest news for anyone residing in the UK was to read that Boris Johnson was in hospital. This doesn’t come to a surprise to me at all. As Prime Minister I thought he was likely to catch it sooner or later but regardless of your political preferences it still isn’t nice to have the Prime Minister of the country taken ill.

I watched this movie called Free Solo about Alex Honnold, an American climber who is best known for climbing free solo (climbing without a rope). This film was about him aiming to become the first person to scale El Capitan (in Yosemite National Park) freesolo. It was interesting to see how he assessed risk (they did an MRI scan of his brain and he has a high tolerance of risk).

To then read on the Tuesday that Boris Johnson had been transferred to intensive care was also sad. Stuff was just nagging at me. This to me is a positive sign as it means I am well on the way to recovery!

Thursday was an awesome day. I had lots of birthday What’s App messages and James gave me this amazing jigsaw with stamps of different American states all over it. That kept me occupied in the afternoon. In the evening I had a chat with some work mates, quickly nipped out for the NHS clap for carers and then had the weekly pub quiz with another set of mates. It was lovely with my mates all decked out in smart clothing all holding a cake with a candle in. This week there was a special Becky Bonus Quiz Round with my MUM as the special quiz host for that round. It was an utter surprise and it really made the birthday lovely. Hopefully I will only ever have one birthday in isolation.

The weather for the latter part of this week has been incredible. I am taking the opportunity to get a tan on my pale skin and read all of the books that I got for my birthday, oh and eat all of the birthday cake.

This week (and I wonder is anyone else finding the same?), I have realised that I seem to have more of an active social life since lockdown than before! I have got in touch with so many more people now and it has been great catching up.

Easter is going much of the same. I have a Smarties easter egg all to myself, hopefully sunny weather so I can sunbathe, go for my daily walk and read my new books. What about you?


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