Lockdown musings #4

Week four (or week six for me being stuck in the house!). The weather is bloody glorious!

This week has been for me chocolate eating, Percy Pig eating, cake eating, book reading and jigsaw puzzling. Yeah I really need to stop eating so much crap!

This week was the final week of sick leave for me. It has been a pleasure (ok it hasn’t at all). My first day back was actually meant to have been the Thursday but my workplace kindly give us the Thursday and Friday off. I have to say sick leave has really flown for me (it is amazing how quick time passes by when your not doing anything!). So I am looking ahead at what will await me when I am back at work!

This week I have felt a bit rough, I had three longish walks in a row on Saturday, Sunday and the Monday and my body just went woahh slow down! However, undeterred this week has been a week of getting sh*t done and have got round to updating my LinkedIn profile (it had been about two years since I had last properly updated my profile). I also got round to backing up my photos, after looking at some options in the end I decided to use Google Photos. I was getting paranoid that if something happened to my mac I would be screwed and I have lost loads of photos before on my phone so didn’t want that to happen to me again. I also sorted out the storage on my mac, as I will be using my own computer whilst working from home I need all the space that I can take! Running all these adobe apps is really killing the memory!

On Wednesday my dog tried to make a bid for freedom. He escaped from the house and running out, I dashed out and shouted for James to help me grab him. An ASDA van came round the corner but luckily spotted him. Lbs eventually came back and James scooped him up, took him in and we ignored him… for about twenty minutes!

The rest of the week has been a toss up between finishing a jigsaw, listening to podcasts and reading either The Inland Sea by Madeleine Watts or The Cold War by Bridget Kendall and It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden. I am really enjoying the latter two a lot.

I had some lovely conversations this week, I took part in the weekly virtual pub quiz with my mates. Chatted to a friend that I hadn’t spoken to in couple of years and also spoke to the work team.

Happily on Sunday, I took part in the Green Heart Runners 5/10k run for the B30 Food Bank in Birmingham. This would be my first time back at GHR since the whole cyst thing happened (I only made the first session of the year because afterwards I was told not to exercise at all by my Doctor). Recovering, I have felt frustrated at not been able to do anything at all such as helping be a Red Cross Community emergency responder or an NHS Volunteer Responder via the GoodSAM app. So to be able to help in someway was really nice. At last count we had raised over £2500 which completely smashed the original £250 target.

Being six weeks post op, I cannot run for another six weeks (I am not fit enough either to run yet). So chose to walk the 5k. I have already walked 5k so was confident in completing it. However I wasn’t going to push to 10k because I do need a rest after going for a walk that long!

I did the 5k walk and glad I didn’t push it I spent the rest of the day relaxing ready for Monday.


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