Lockdown Musings #5

This lockdown musings differs in the fact that this week I went back to work!

I actually set my alarm for the first time in six weeks, cleaned my study and logged in with a plan in my mind to tackle the emails that had been slowly mounting up. This week I decided to go back in full time to see how I got on and assess from there.

Yeah it has been tough!

There are not many blog posts about recovering from a cyst and from the ones I have read they have all focused on being off for six weeks. Not on what you feel like when you are back. Considering I am currently working from home, it was knackering. Not in a ‘I stayed up late last night so will pay for it today knackering’ but a ‘I feel dizzy, going to throw up and need to lay down’ poorly kind of way. The mornings are generally ok but from about 2pm in the afternoon it gets trickier.

However I am happy I am back, it was nice to get stuck in and pick up on projects again and catch up with people who I don’t speak to outside of work. As you can imagine work has really knocked me out so my free time has been spent reading and resting. No jigsaw puzzling this week! However I was pleased that I purchased a Next shirt off ebay for £3 which is selling full price in the shops.


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