Lockdown Musings #6

Ipad showing book cover of How to Fail by Elizabeth day. Ipad is laying on a blue blanket with a yellow sun in the background.

The week of back to normal (ish).

This week was my first full week of being back to work. I am currently on a phased return so have been working 8am-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and having half day off on Wednesday. I have to say I do need it, it is really knackering.

This week I took part in my work’s, Women’s Network, virtual book club. I have only recently joined the network myself but haven’t been able to get involved due to being off sick. I love reading (as you can probably tell from this blog) and the book for the club was How to Fail by Elizabeth Day (I will have to write a blog post about that soon)! In my opinion, the book was really good (I think an awful lot about failure, failing and am convinced half the time I am the only person that is failing) and was interested in other people’s thoughts and it makes a change from me just pouring it out on the blog or to my partner and of course I can never miss the chance to meet new people!

My head is still in this fog and I am petrified of forgetting things, my post-it note pile is starting to pile up! I am getting the hang of working from home now and having some sort of routine. I am still changing my desk set up but all in all I am getting there.


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