Reviewing my New Year’s Resolutions seven months on

I have to say when I told my partner I would be writing this blog post he did laugh out loud, which tells you almost how ridiculous and interesting writing this blog post is. When I wrote my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions this was before the coronavirus would put the UK in total lockdown and before I had major surgery on an ovarian cyst. Today I thought I would take a look back down memory lane and see what I had written seven months ago and if I have achieved any of my aims.

Scroll less

To be honest, I have probably scrolled more this year as I have been quite unwell so not been able to do a lot, hence my phone use has gone up. That being said, I do feel that I have got to a point where the scrolling needs to be cut down. So on the second half of this year this is something I will work on.

Make more videos

I haven’t fulfilled this resolution partly because I haven’t been well enough to go out and take any footage (when you haven’t been able to walk very far, feeling unwell a lot of the time or go anywhere due to lockdown it does limit what footage you can take). However my partner purchased a go-pro and we took lots of footage of our recent holiday in Whitby and have edited it together. I have enjoyed working on something creative with my partner and as I feel better look forward to doing more creative projects in the second half of the year together.

Learn more about coding

Ahhh this is one resolution I have actually stuck by. As you have gathered I have been spending a lot of time indoors. Therefore in my spare time I have been reading up and practicing a lot more coding than I had been doing previously. Mainly CSS and HTML but also been having a little go at Javascript. Even if it does take me forever to understand things.

Enter in a mountain bike competition

I mentioned in my 2020 new years resolution that there was a race in Cannock that I wanted to enter. This race was in March the weekend before my op and I couldn’t enter at that point as I was told to not do any exercise at all incase my cyst burst. I assume all races have been cancelled due to the pandemic and social distancing rules but in all fairness my fitness isn’t where it should be and I probably won’t get back on the mountain bike to near the end of the year.

Funnily enough whilst I was on hospital I did think about getting bike ride around Ireland I have always wanted to do completed. But travel and my overall fitness has also put a stop to that as well!

Strengthen my core

I originally wrote ‘I have a weird body shape where my core isn’t as strong and lean as the rest of my body. Therefore I am going to ramp up the fitness to this area this year.’

Well it turns out my weird body shape was due to the cyst…

That being said it is more important than ever that I do exercise my core, not to slim it down (which in an odd way I have achieved just not in the way I thought I would achieve it). But since I was cut open in that area to actually strengthen it back up again. Admittedly I haven’t done as much work in that area as I should, partly because (and I know I am majorly repeating myself here) I have been so unwell but also I have been scared incase I hurt myself.

Be more financially literate

When I was home off sick, one of my aims was to research and make sure I was getting the best deals on bank accounts etc. However since the coronavirus has messed the economy up there has just been no point.

See my family more

A bit of an odd one, again I haven’t seen my family, like everyone else, due to lockdown. I did my parents just after I had the operation. Since lockdown as eased I have managed to see my parents and sister and am going to see them again soon.

Have I been doing anything else…

So the above makes 2020 seem like a bit of a fail (and I am certainly not a lot alone in thinking this). However I have managed to do other things. I managed to walk 5k for the B30 foodbank as part of the Green Heart Runners (my work run club) and we raised over £3k for charity (I was particularly proud of this as it was the weekend before I went back to work and it was tough walking that far at that point). I also applied and was successful in becoming a run leader as well and look forward to going on the training when I am fit enough too and when it starts back up.

I joined the Women’s Network at my work and went along to their virtual book club. I hadn’t joined a book club before (even though I love reading). The book was How to fail by Elizabeth Day (which I wrote a little bit about in Lockdown Musings six) and really enjoyed and recommend for any female who is feeling that they are failing at any aspect of life whether it is relationships, friends, education or work.

I have brushed and still continue to brush up on my Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro skills. I am learning to use Dreamweaver (which also helps with the coding) and After Effects from scratch. Reading up on filming, SEO and other bits and pieces. I am also trying to improve my Instagram Stories by getting a little more creative with them. I have enjoyed improving and learning new skills.

To add I also want to write more blog posts on my site and also sort out the indexing as my site doesn’t seem to be indexing well at all.

I would be interested to read about your New Year’s Resolutions and if you have managed to keep them or not?


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