Lockdown 2.0 Musings – Weeks 1 and 2

Back in April I started a series called lockdown musings. Admittedly I only kept it up for a few weeks. It was just my thoughts at that time over lockdown so I can look back at this crazy time. When lockdown 2.0 unfortunately happened, I thought I would do the same again.

Week 1

I noticed a shift in perspective from the first lockdown to now. For the first time the lockdown was brand new. Everyone was in it together, the weather was really nice, clapping for the NHS, PPE drives and seeing whole TV programmes and telly interviews conducted from peoples homes rather than the usual studios! The second time, well it is becoming normal now. The effects of the first wave well known, not knowing when the vaccine will come, unemployment, education being disrupted, lives lost and the amount of people who have given up so much amongst others. Everyone is tired.

It was my last week at work before my week off so I was just working hard to get everything done before I went off. On the Sunday I attended an #iamremarkable workshop. This particular workshop I went on was hosted by the curator of TEDxWolverhampton. #iamremarkable is a google initiative which aims to help women and underrepresented groups find the confidence within themselves to succeed. The workshop was just under two hours long and it was so lovely because it was nice to recap back on past successes.

I had a zoom call with my cousins and caught up which was lovely and I also finally finished the social media campaign course by Future Learn. I didn’t learn anything new as such (it was aimed very much at beginners) but it was nice as a recap. I have also signed up to do the online content course. I also went out for a bike ride in the morning. I am trying to get some fitness back, but it has been hard has I have recently felt so wiped out. With the week off I knew I could give it a go as I had plenty of time to just rest. It was lovely to get back out there and feel more ‘myself’ for once.

Week 2

My week off! This week has been purely about relaxation. I have really been struggling with post-viral fatigue in the last few weeks so it wanted to take the opportunity to relax but also push myself physically as I had the time off to rest and I wanted to see whereabouts I was physically. I went to Birches Valley via Tackeroo caravan site. Whilst my partner went to get the car to pick me up I cycled around the Grufflo park. Obviously I never go there as it is the kiddy route, but it is so cute seeing toadstools and made up wooden forts, play equipment for the kiddies. It was a big achievement cycling the distance I did.

I also took part in Fawcett West Midlands Society monthly meeting, there were a few new people so we discussed what interests us in the hope we will taking part in some campaigns next year and writing in my paper lockdown diary (I have written a more or less daily one so if I have kids they can have an actual source to look back on this time!).

I have been burning through The Crown and Succession. I started watching The Crown earlier on in the year and over the first lockdown so it is weird that I am watching the next series in the second lockdown. I have also been busy cross stitching. I also went (virtually) to Women’s book club where we talked about the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. Went for some long walks as well and I found out there are some new Garmin badges (which I will write about in a separate blog post) after getting the first Walk the Walk badge coincidently.

I also managed to finally clean up my study (again!). It was getting so messy that I was starting to hate going in there. My study is quite small so storage is quite hard. I also had a lot of knick knacks on the desk and old gig and other tickets stuck up along the bookcase and it was looking very cluttered. So putting all of that away and keeping it simple will hopefully clear my head.

I had planned to do some coding (I like messing around with codeacademy in my spare time) and do some blogging. But I listened to my body and just rested. Post viral fatigue does make you feel guilty as you do feel that you spend a lot of time resting. But it is your body’s way of saying slow down. I also owe it to myself, that I use the week off to rest and that filling it up with activities, left, right and centre is not always the best way to go.

What have you been up to during lockdown 2.0?


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