Lockdown musings week 3 and a bit

Christmas wreath with cinnamon sticks, orange slices, holly and lots of green foliage

Read weeks 1 and 2.

Just a little over the third week of lockdown now. I feel a lot better actually now I have come back from holiday. I have had a few people comment that I sound a lot perkier which is nice. I even managed to sit at my desk for the whole day rather than have to sit on the sofa half way through which is an absolute win for me. (its the small things).

I took part in wreath making at work where we made our own wreaths in the department (in our own homes of course!) and we were just chatting over zoom. I had never made my own wreath (maybe back at primary school) so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I love being creative and it took me away from the screen. It looks pretty good (I am really surprised) so good in fact that my sister wants me to make her one (I had to let her down slowly with that request!). James made his advent wreath and a part from the candle missing in the middle (due to being a hole), it looks lovely.

I also managed to finally get round to playing on my acoustic guitar. I got given it earlier in the year but with helping at TEDx, being poorly and working I just hadn’t had the time to play it. I am trying to learn The Bones at the moment using the finger picking style. I am enjoying it at the moment, it is nice to learn something new.

This week I also took part in the Green Heart Runners 12 marathons in six days with the money going towards B30 foodbank. We pledge and then log our miles on a google docs sheet and also send in screenshots or update them on our strava group page. We completely smashed it and from time of writing raised over £3800 for B30 foodbank and had done the equivalent of 26 marathons.

I also had a little go at biking on Sunday pushing myself a bit more. I was quite proud of myself, although I lost James who was behind me at the end as he went in another direction! I ended up going home hanging my scarf by the front door (I didn’t have my phone on me as he had it!) hoping James would know I would be back. Luckily I cycled back and we managed to catch each other on the path.

Looking forward to next week, which is shaping up to be a good week! I am getting my hair and nails done ready for Christmas, putting up the Christmas decorations and also taking part in the Christmas Bake Off at work where we have to decorate a cake within an hour and we have a judge who will call the winner.


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