Garmin Badges – Part Two

Funnily enough one of the most popular posts on my blog is the post where I slated Garmin Badges for being rubbish. I even tagged Garmin in a post on twitter and got a reply. I wrote the post because I had reached the point where I couldn’t really earn anymore badges as I was never going to be a diver (I hate water enough as it is) or don a wingsuit (seriously how many people have that badge?!). However recently I have noticed there seem to be more badges so lets do a deep dive.

I noticed more badges after I surprisingly got the Walk the Walk badge which reignited my interest. This year fitness hasn’t been a focus for me since I had major surgery then post viral fatigue from a bad infection. I haven’t done a run yet at all! A sharp contrast to last year where I was living for these badges! I have only had one other badge this year and that was Climber 3 from when I used the e-bike cycling around Saas Fee.

At first I took a look and saw that in November there are numerous badges just for that month. This ranges from November step month, November run down, November weekend 40k (on the bike) and November weekend 10k (running). Also there is November weekend walking which I managed to get. The variety was a nice touch, a mixture of challenging badges and achievable badges that still take a bit of work. A positive step in the right direction.

Therefore I wondered if November was a one off especially as I hadn’t seen any badges for October (other than the usual Halloween badges), however for December there were loads of badges up for grabs – December Weekend 40k, December Joy Rides, December Walking, December Rundown, December Step Month, and the 12 Days of Fitness Walking, 12 Days of Fitness Cycling and Running. I think it is really good idea and if I was fitter then I would be out getting those badges. It also looks like these monthly badges are here to stay, as having a look on the Garmin Badge Database the January badges are already up including a weekend walking and a swim week. I also saw that these monthly badges started back in July.

I am glad Garmin are starting to add these monthly challenges. Strava has been doing these monthly badges for ages now and, in my opinion, using the Garmin was just getting boring without the challenges. What I would say is that for the monthly challenges you do need to remember to sign up to them. I hadn’t realised this for November and signed up to the step one late however I found that the steps that you have already done in that time period does count.

Have you been doing any of the Garmin badge challenges?


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