My top read blog posts of 2020

Rebecca walking her dog

I haven’t written a lot on this blog this year because to be honest, I had ran out of ideas. I didn’t want to write for the sake of writing (which is bad for blogging as you are meant to create content on a regular basis). I nearly thought about giving blogging up however I have written an awful lot of blog posts (218 including this one!). If you have wordpress you will know when you log in you can see which posts are performing well and I even wrote an update to the Garmin badges being rubbish post which is consistently one of my best performing posts even though I wrote it in 2019.

So I took a look in my Google Analytics and I had to admit there were some surprises! So lets take a look at my top ten best performing blog posts of 2020:

Very interesting. So I am not surprised that my ovarian cyst and the Garmin badges posts made the top 10. It is actually quite hard to find other people who have had experiences of just an ovarian cyst (even rarer to find those that had a cyst of my size!). The complete blog awards list and the How to add social media icons onto your blog was very surprising. The social media icons post is five years old! I am certainly going to be updating both.

I have worked in marcomms for eight years so know that you should be looking at your google analytics regularly as this will help you produce content that your audience wants. My blog is something I write in my own time for fun, hence my posts are so varied. So it is nice to see that my top ten are all varied as well.


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