New Years Resolutions Recap and plans for 2021

This year has been crazy that is for sure, I recapped my New Year’s Resolutions at the seven month mark. But now it is the end of an awful, difficult year I am reflecting back on what I have managed to achieve and what I am hoping to accomplish in 2021.

Scroll less

I have really worked on this and I do think in the second half of this year I really have cut this down. I have noticed by scrolling a lot less on Instagram and Twitter I feel mentally feel better for it as I am not constantly comparing myself to others.

Make more videos

I created a video about Whitby which I mentioned in my seven month New Year’s Resolution review. I went to Switzerland back in the Autumn and took lots of footage from there and made a video for my family and friends which was great fun to do.

Learn more about coding

I had stuck by this resolution earlier on in the year using codeacademy, W3 Schools and even just YouTube and Adobe Dreamweaver but I haven’t really practice coding since being busy with other projects such as TEDxWolverhampton and trying (and failing miserably) to learn guitar!

Enter in a mountain bike competition

Obviously this has been out of my control since the pandemic. However I am gradually getting back to fitness with my cycling, I missed cycling a lot and have spent December pushing myself more. I have been cycling the more technical routes of the chase (I remember when I was recovering, walking down those routes thinking I cannot wait to cycle them!) and I am tackling them pretty well considering I had six months out. I have also been creating my own routes and cycling them, that is something I hadn’t done in a long while (I used to make routes quite a bit when I lived in Stoke).

Strengthen my core

This was because I was trying to get my stomach slim (and we all knew how that turned out…). I am happy with my stomach but what is important for me now is building my fitness up to pre-operation level.

Be more financially literate

To be honest I am not bad at my finances, I just think I can be better. I have really focused on this in December, just checking over my savings and my spending habits to see if there are areas I can cut back on. I tend to do this every year.

See my family more

This has been hard due to the pandemic but we keep in touch more using WhatsApp video which has been fun!

2021 New Year Resolutions

Mountain biking in Stile Cop

Stile Cop is a downhill mountain bike trail situated in Cannock Chase. If I had been fit enough this year, I certainly think I would have been up to that level by now. I have wanted to to go there for a couple of years now but I haven’t had the fitness and then the technical skills to be safe out on those trails.

Enter a mountain bike competition

Depending on what happens with COVID-19. I would quite like to enter a beginners mountain bike competition.

Be better at time management

I am not dreadful at time management but I certainly could be better. I seem to take ages to do some tasks at times (including writing this blog post!). I want to get faster at getting tasks done but not losing out on the quality.

Play my guitar better

Randomly I was given a guitar back in July. One string was broken so I got new strings and got the lot restrung at the guitar shop. My ‘playing’ is leaving a lot to be desired at the moment (I am terrible!). But I am liking trying a hobby that is a little bit different and away from a screen.

What are your new year’s resolutions?


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