#whatbeckyread Bryony Gordon – Glorious Rock Bottom

ipad with the book Glorious Rock Bottom by Bryony Gordon shown resting on the back of a colourful feather background

Glorious Rock Bottom is the fourth book by journalist Bryony Gordon. I have read two of her other books – The Wrong Knickers and Mad Girl both of which I loved and so I had high hopes for this book. Glorious Rock Bottom details Bryony Gordon’s journey from being an alcoholic to going through rehab and beyond. I have to admit Bryony doesn’t hold back – every gory detail is spoken about (and I do respect Bryony for not glossing over the grim realities of alcoholism) and I have to say it got me thinking to myself more than once -wow your life really is a mess.

It is a short book- 166 pages long but I had to come back to it because it was getting to the point where nothing wasn’t shocking me anymore and I was surprised that those closest to her were still putting up with it all (her husband really is a saint!). I think it also collided with the fact that Bryony said that she had a binge eating disorder and it just felt a bit ‘not another thing’ to me.

I would recommend the book as I have said above it does not gloss over the realities of alcoholism and it is a very interesting look into what it is like going into a rehabilitation centre and her bravery in exposing her behaviour and the impact this has on her family is to be commended.


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