#whatbeckyread – How to fail by Elizabeth Day

I mentioned this book in one of my lockdown musings last year! I had heard of Elizabeth Day as she is host of the How to Fail podcast however I came across the book as it was one of the women’s book club at my work’s pick. At the point of reading, I had only come back from surgery and was feeling really down (I think I am naturally a ‘half empty’ type of person at heart) so the book came at a really good time for me.

How to Fail is about Elizabeth Day’s journey of failing and lessons she has learnt. Split into several chapters – each starting with ‘How to Fail…’ ranging from relationships, babies, your twenties to work, tests and fitting in. There is something everyone can relate to in one way or another. The chapter on babies really stood out for me, I felt desperately sorry for her that she couldn’t have IVF from the NHS because her partner already had children from a previous relationship. The chapters are also stand alone therefore you can dip in and out when you please. I didn’t actually end up reading the book in the order at all! It felt like you were given advice from an older sister.

I would certainly recommend the book, if you are looking for a quick, easy to read pick me up.


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