Taking a break from blogging


Hello hello,

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Today I am talking about why I am taking an indefinite break from my blog.

I have had my blog since 2013 back when it was called ‘One girl and her bike’. It started from the hype from London 2012 and seeing the team pursuit females win their first gold. I bought a Boardman bike from a selling posting on the notice board at the Manchester Velodrome, since it has morphed into lifestyle blog covering everything from travel, blogging and social media tips to books. I have had some lovely opportunities come my way due to the blog such as a weekend away at Chicheley Hall Hotel, testing products for USN (as someone who does a lot of fitness that was amazing, going along to my first blogger event (Foyle’s ‘Blogger brekkie’) and also getting paid to write about how I maintain my car. Away from the sponsored posts, I have written about my time at boarding school, having post-viral fatigue in 2020 and also my unexpected 5l ovarian cyst taken out. I even ran a twitter group for bloggers in the West Midlands called ‘West Mids Bloggers‘ for two years.

The break has come because to be honest I started to feel a bit like a slave to the blog. I was struggling more and more to find topics that I wanted to write about. My blog isn’t my job, however, I still felt the pressure to blog regularly and that only increased as time went on. What also increased was constantly feeling guilty that I couldn’t enjoy my evenings and weekends because in the back of my mind I was thinking ‘I need to update my blog’, I didn’t feel my content was as best as I could make it because I had lost the passion for it. I just wasn’t enjoying it and when you are not enjoying it anymore that is a good sign to stop.

So after 223 published posts I am more and less saying goodbye to becbec.uk. I may publish some posts in the future and pick it up again but for now I am taking some time out. I am going to take the time to explore and enjoy some other hobbies and interests without thinking about needing to blog about it.

For those who did read my posts, even once, thank you.


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