Who is ‘Bec Bec’

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Rebecca, the owner of ‘Bec Bec’ I’m a Digital Marketing and Communications Officer from the West Midlands. I have had this corner of the internet since 2013, originally it was a cycling blog (I really got into cycling post London Olympics and still love it to this day!) but eventually it grew into a lifestyle site. I write about about a variety of topics but tend to stick to travel, books and fitness.

How it all began

Looking back I always had an interest in art and design and spent hours messing around on the computer saving images (like having a Pinterest on a floppy disk!) and making my own website on Piczo (remember that!). I remember being shown Photoshop at high school and being amazed that you could make collages on the computer!

However as art and design back then was mainly drawing and painting by hand (and I am amazingly rubbish at both). That faded away as I got older and I focused more on my other passion – Geography! I graduated with a degree in Geography in 2012 and landed my first role as a Market Researcher at a Students’ Union.

Getting back into it

After a year of being a researcher I landed a MarComms Assistant role at another Students’ Union, I worked my way up to MarComms Coordinator and it was so much fun managing a department and seeing campaigns come to life. I enjoyed marketing so much I even went back to uni and studied for the CIM level 4 certificate. After being there over four years I decided that I needed a change so moved into my current role.

The present day

In my spare time I am a keen cyclist and runner. I also enjoy messing around with Photoshop, coding, blogging, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, the Go-Pro and enjoy writing. As you can probably see, I have so many projects on the go and love learning!

Work with me

I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with brands in the past including sport nutrition brand USN, Chicheley Hall Hotel and Hotels.com. I have written for metro and the UK Blog Awards. In 2015 I was picked to be one of 200 young people aged 18-24 to be part of BBC’s Generation 2015. I was asked to contribute to national and regional BBC programming in the run-up to the General Election.

I am always interested in working with brands, please email rebeccamerchant0@gmail.com


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