I listen to a lot of podcasts as highlighted in my Four must listen to podcasts and Four podcasts to listen to blog posts. Especially now since my commute is longer and I am starting to listen to podcasts on my run. I have am back with four more podcasts.

What I Wish I Had Known

I follow Jo (Lobella Loves) a mental health advocate on Instagram and when she wrote a post about a podcast episode she had recorded with Jonny Benjamin MBE (a mental health campaigner who launched a twitter campaign in 2014 to help #findmike a stranger which talked him off jumping from a bridge) and I had to listen. Lauren from The Parenting Chapter, Jess from The Fat Funny One and Jo all present What I Wish I Had Known. They are clear that they are are not experts they are just talking about their experiences.

Each episode is titled ‘What I wish I had known about…’ and covers a variety of topics from anxiety, grief, flaws therapy, careers. They are all thirty-something women so I am interested in listening to their advice as for certain topics I am interested in hearing their experiences to help guide me in what I should (and shouldn’t) worry about. As I don’t want to look back on my late twenties and early thirties thinking why did I wish time worry about this or that!

Tough Girl Podcast

I am into my fitness BIG TIME but I do realise that I can push myself more physically than I am currently doing. I also love hearing about strong female role models so when I came across the Tough Girl Podcast hosted by Sarah Williams I knew I had a winner.

Sarah worked as a banker in the city until one day, tired from long hours with not feeling satisfied she ditched her job to go travelling in Australia. Having done a few challenges herself, Sarah was finding plenty of women who had done some incredible challenges but found that they were not being heard. Sarah set up the podcast to get these stories out there. Sarah has interviewed a variety of women from olympians to mountaineers to runners. The series is really inspirational, you should have a listen.

The History Chicks

Do you love history? Do you want to learn about famous (fictional and non-fictional) historical women in great detail without being bored to death? If so The History Chicks podcast may be for you. Presented by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider they take you on a journey through history from childhood to how the famous woman got to be where she was today. With 127 episodes this podcast has been going since 2011! Some of the episodes I have enjoyed include Wallis Simpson, Pocahontas, Zelda Fitzgerald, Barbie and Marie Curie.

More Perfect

From the producers of Radiolab (which you can read about in my blog review here) and presented by Jad Abrumrad More Perfect is about the American justice system. Season one and two focuses on the supreme court and how decisions made in that court impact Americans today.

The third season, I felt pushed podcasting in new ways as they made a separate album on the 27 amendments. Each episode focuses on a few amendments and what each amendment means, how the amendment came about and which cases have or tried to use that amendment. Each amendment had a song (Dolly Parton sang a song in one of the episodes) and the podcast was to be considered as a footnote.

Which podcasts have you been listening to? Do you have any you would recommend?

Screenshot of Rebecca Merchant's podcast page

I was never really a podcast person, until I realised listening to the entire Ellie Goulding playlist on Spotify each day to and from work was a getting a bit too much. I decided to delve into the world of podcasts – and boy, I am glad I did.

#Girlboss – Sophia Amarouso

This popular podcast starts with Sophia reading out #girlboss moments that listeners send in via Twitter. Sophia then interviews females that have achieved success in their careers. The careers are mainly business based but contain a mixture of charity/ start-ups and women in senior positions of established organisations. Each podcast charters the guests work life from first job to lessons learned in each position.

The Unsorry Podcast

The Unsorry podcast by Sam Sparrow and Lea Rice where each episode talks about topics that women in their twenties and thirties often don’t talk about. The best topics I have listened too have been: Do you have to live the dream, Meditation – Bullshit or brilliant, Dealing with burnout, Difficult female friendships and Educating men on feminism.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Another popular podcast by Emma Gannon author of the Ctrl Alt Delete book. Emma interviews different people each week on a variety of different topics. The interviews with Estee Lalonde and Laura Bates author of Everyday Sexism are well worth a listen.

Death, Sex and Money

Last but certainly not least is the Death, Sex and Money podcast hosted by Anna Sale. This podcast claims to talk about topics that people don’t talk about enough and it is so true. Usually the podcast focuses on one person’s story and includes audio excerpts from listeners who have phoned in. Podcast’s I have enjoyed listening too (out of many) have been ‘I was more angry at God’, Falling in love with heroin, An Astronaut’s husband, left behind and In sickness and in mental health.

Have you got any podcast’s you think I should listen too? Let me know in the comments below!

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